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Hello friends and fans of the Underground.

Many of you are aware that the theatre has been shuttered since July for renovations. Unfortunately those renovations never began, as we have encountered problems of a legal and bureaucratic nature that we, the management of the Toronto Underground Cinema, could not foresee. The mounting costs of these problems have ultimately led us into a situation where we have to say goodbye. The Toronto Underground Cinema will be closing its doors on Sunday Sept 16th.

We will be closing out our run with the very first film festival who ever partnered with us, the T.O. Indie Film Fest, which will run from Sept 6th - Sept 15th. More information about films and showtimes can be found at .

For our final night we have planned a very special 35mm appreciation screening. We will be showing Night of the Comet (1984) and the purposefully appropriate The Last Waltz (1978). Both films will be projected in the superior 35mm format. No blu-rays here, just pure cinema. And yes, we will be playing The Last Waltz loud!

We’ve always tried to be as honest and open with everyone as possible right from the start, so we’ll try to explain our situation as best we can.

The Toronto Underground Cinema was founded on a hope and a prayer. We approached the owner of the property with an audacious plan to turn his unused space into a vibrant venue for cinema and events in the downtown core. We envisioned an affordable establishment where the city would be able to hold events and the community would be able to come together to see some of the best cinema from the past and the present.

With very little funding in place we, and the owner, came to an agreement to work hard to get the cinema off the ground. We overcame countless obstacles and have been able to deal with looming threats, keeping the doors open and the projectors running.

These current matters are out of our (the management team’s) hands, and as of right now we have been unable to secure a solution. The owner has been working tirelessly to resolve these issues, however the costs associated with these problems and necessary upgrades to the space and technical facilities have left us in a position where we can no longer afford to be in business.

We would like to send out our undying gratitude to our fans, patrons and friends and to everyone who helped us on this journey that has changed our lives and hopefully touched yours. This theatre would not have lasted a day if it wasn't for the involvement of so many people that we are lucky to call our friends and family.

Although this is goodbye for now, we will not stop working on a way to bring the Underground back. Whether that is a year or two down the road when all issues have been solved or in a different incarnation in a different space, we are dedicated to the love of cinematic exhibition, and the fans who support it. Until then,

See you above ground,

The Management of the Toronto Underground Cinema

Nigel Agnew, Charlie Lawton and Alex Woodside

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